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General Medicine

The duration of the programme is six years after which the students obtain the Degree of Doctor of General Medicine.


Dentistry is a five years programme. After its completion the students obtain the degree of Doctor of Dental Medicine (MDDr).


This Bachelor Degree Programme lasts three years. The students have the option to continue with a two-year Master Degree.


Pharmacy study programme leads to the Master Degree of Pharmacy and lasts five years.

J. Afxentiou Educational Advisors LTD

Our office was founded in 2001 by Dr. Petros Afxentiou, to consult students that are interested in pursuing a degree in medicine, dentistry, physiotherapy, veterinary medicine and pharmacy.

Having more than 15 years of experience and knowing that such a decision is of crucial importance, we always aim to offer the best advice which endeavours to help the applicant succeed in the entrance exam.
We represent six different universities (7 study programmes in 4 different cities) located in the Czech Republic, which are of equally high level and are recognised world wide.

About Us
  • Why Masaryk? It is a prestigious University right in the heart of Europe , combining both high quality education and equipped with the latest technology as well as a unique University  infrastructure . In addition, the fact that  Brno is a city with a  'student soul' and low cost of living makes it an excellent choice for anybody that wants to study abroad.
    --Marios Iacovou, Masaryk University
  • Looking back on my choice, of where to study general medicine, I am glad that I chose LF1 in Prague as it  had provided us with both the theoretical as well as the practical knowledge that helped us shape from merely students into the exceptional healthcare professionals that we all were dreaming to become.
    --Stelios Theodorou, Charles University
  • Brno is a lovely city with an authentic atmosphere. The Faculty of Medicine has a state of the art campus with modern facilities and offers high quality teaching and unique experiences.
    --Neophytos Kouppis, Masaryk University
  • Olomouc is considered an excellent city for students who wish to study in a small and quiet place. Short distances make Olomouc an easy city to live in, since everything essential is within walking distance. Palacky University has a friendly and suitable environment for studying and you will feel welcomed from your first moment here. Teachers and doctors at the University do not see you as a student but they make you feel a colleague instead.
    --Michalis Challoumas, Palacky University
  • The University offers you a great journey of experiences, academic as well as social, and gives you all the fundamental tools that will prepare you for later in your life. Everyone, professors and secretaries, are always there to help you with any difficulties you may come across during your studies, making them easier to overcome and reach your goal.
    --MDDr. Joseph Josephides, Palacky University
  • Only when I left the University I understood its great value. The most important tools that I have been equipped with by this Medical Faculty are the mentality and the work ethic to hopefully one day achieve greatness.
    --MUDr. Andreas Georgiades, Charles University 1st Faculty Of Medicine
  • Charles University taught me how to set goals, organise my time properly, work hard and, most importantly, succeed. I had six years full of education and experiences, not only in the field of Medicine, but also in social life. Undoubtedly, this University gave me more that I could possibly imagine.
    --MUDr. Maria Machattou, Charles University 1st Faculty Of Medicine
  • My name is Nanki, I’m 19 years old and I graduated from boarding school in India. The city of Brno caters for students’ needs, with a 24-hour study room located in the city centre, which shall become your new home should you choose to study medicine. The lectures, although they are not mandatory, are quite interesting and tend to cover the topic which will later be further studied in the practical. In my opinion, Masaryk University is a great place to study as it balances both student and social life.
    --Nanki, Masaryk University
  • My name is Athena, I’m 18 years old and I graduated from a school in Limassol. One of the many reasons I chose Masaryk University was the city. Brno is a very student-friendly and safe area, with great public transport and good nightlife. Also, the university itself is extremely modern and has all the new facilities. In addition, there are real skeletal remains available to students to assist them in their studies. During anatomy seminars you have the opportunity to work with real human remains in order to practically learn human anatomy.
    --Athena Demetriou, Masaryk University

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