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General Medicine

The duration of the programme is six years after which the students obtain the Degree of Doctor of General Medicine.


Dentistry is a five years programme. After its completion the students obtain the degree of Doctor of Dental Medicine (MDDr).


This Bachelor Degree Programme lasts three years. The students have the option to continue with a two-year Master Degree.


Pharmacy study programme leads to the Master Degree of Pharmacy and lasts five years.

J. Afxentiou Educational Advisors LTD

Our office was founded in 2001 by Dr. Petros Afxentiou, to consult students that are interested in pursuing a degree in medicine, dentistry, physiotherapy, veterinary medicine and pharmacy.

Having more than 15 years of experience and knowing that such a decision is of crucial importance, we always aim to offer the best advice which endeavours to help the applicant succeed in the entrance exam.
We represent six different universities (7 study programmes in 4 different cities) located in the Czech Republic, which are of equally high level and are recognised world wide.

About Us

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