General Medicine and Dentistry

1st Faculty of Medicine Charles University

Charles University was founded in 1348 by the Emperor Charles IV and it is one of the oldest Medical Faculties in Europe. It is a state University and the teaching for foreign students is in the English language.

General Medicine

General Medicine is a six-year programme, through which students obtain the degree of Doctor of General Medicine (MUDr.) Graduates can continue with their specialization directly in the Czech Republic or anywhere in Europe, the United States of America (USMLE Exams), Asia and Africa.


Dentistry is a five-year programme, leading to the Degree of Doctor of Dental Medicine(MDDr.) Graduates can start working directly as General Dentists or continue with specialization in the Czech Republic or anywhere in Europe, the United States of America (USMLE Exams), Asia and Africa.

General Information

Being the oldest Medical Faculty in Europe most of its facilities are within historical buildings in the very centre of Prague, near Karlovo Namesti, I.P.Pavlova and Albertov. The University Hospital is found within the campus, covering all the range of specialties, sub-specialties and research facilities, incorporating the most advanced technologies and knowledge in medicine. High level education is being provided by a teaching staff consisting of more than 100 professors, 150 associate professors and more than 700 assistant professors. The instruction is carried out in the form of lectures, laboratory practicals and seminars

The Academic year is divided into two semesters, each followed by an examination period.

  • The winter semester starts at the end of September and lasts 15 weeks. It is interrupted by the Christmas holidays and followed by a 4-week examination period.
  • The summer semester lasts 15 weeks and is followed by an examination period and summer vacations.

Starting from the 2nd year, summer clerkships in clinical departments are included in the curriculum.

Students are selected on the basis of an entrance examination (score 81% ), which will be held at the end of June at Alexander College in Larnaca. Participants will be informed of the results on the same day. The successful ones will receive a letter of admittance by the Faculty.

The entrance examination consists of a multiple choice test on Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

The level of the examination is that of GCE A’ Level. The participants are provided with a detailed studying material in order to prepare for the exams.

The annual tuition fees for General Medicine are 360.000 Czech crowns (about 13,300 Euro) and for Dentistry 360.000 Czech Crowns (about 13,300 Euro) and have to be paid to the Faculty in a single payment before the beginning of the academic year.

Gynaecology Building
Prague Castle
The Clementinum and the National Library
The Old Town Square and the Astronomical Clock

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