Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic with a population of about 2 million people.

It is considered as the cultural, political, historical and economical centre of Central Europe.

The country joined the European Union on May 2004 with Cyprus. Although the official language is Czech, most of the people are able to communicate in English, since Czech students are being taught English from primary school.

Prague is a major tourist attraction and joining the European Union the capital city has also attracted a very big number of multinational corporations that have moved their headquarters there. The unemployment rate has been decreasing the last decade and this year is close to 5%.It has one of the best and most efficient transportation systems in Europe and this is the reason why the majority of the population use public transportation. It has three Metro zones and hundreds of tram and bus lines travelling all over the city, while the ticket prices are very low compared to the rest of Europe. A student pays approximately 50 Euros for a three month transportation card.

The capital of the Czech Republic is very famous for its educational institutions. One of the most known and prestigious Universities worldwide is the First Faculty of Medicine of Charles University, which is located in Prague. Being the oldest medical faculty in Central Europe (1348), it has been attracting for decades students from all over Europe, Asia, United States and Africa. At this point there are more than 4,000 students studying at the Faculty from 50 different countries.

Charles Bridge
Prague Castle
The Clementinum and the National Library
The Old Town Square and the Astronomical Clock
Prague Bridges
Prague Beauty